Kimberley Gauthier

Bon voyage! Kim flies to Toronto.

We say farewell to Kim. She has joined Julie Brills lab as a postdoc to study flies at Sickkids/University of Toronto. Good luck!

Sarah Gagnon

Bonne chance Sarah!

Congrats to Sarah for completing her MSc. She’s off to pursue her PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Bonne chance!

Farewell to Ali

We wish Ali the best of luck in his new position as a Master’s student at the Neurosurgical Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Learning Centre at McGill

Kimberley Gauthier

Congrats to Kim on submitting another paper to bioRxiv

Jung Hwa Seo

Welcome back to Jung Hwa. We missed you!

Rocheleau lab goes online!

Congrats to Dr. Gauthier on successful defense of her Ph.D.

Lena Ederer

Welcome to Lena, our intern from the University of Tübingen.

Congrats to Zak on his microPub and good luck in Medical School